Winco Spectrum Commercial Microwave, Dial, Stainless Steel EMW-1000SD

Weight: 43 lb
Manufacturer: WincoWinco


Spectrum Commercial Microwave, Dial, Stainless Steel, 1000W

Built with convenience, speed, operability, and durability in mind, the Spectrum DIAL CONTROL MICROWAVE provides quick heating capabilities via 1000W of microwave power, making it ideal for warming soups, sandwiches, prepackaged lunches, beverages, and more. Engineered for commercial kitchen use, this microwave features an all stainless steel exterior and interior, compared to competitors’ painted interior units. Additionally the ceramic heating plate features a bottom energy feed system, allowing for peak performance, efficient energy distribution, and consistent results. With multiple power levels and adjustable time intervals, as well as a spacious 0.9 cubic feet oven cavity, this microwave is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of items to meet all your cooking and warming needs.

• 1000 watts of cooking power for quick heating

• Motor driven bottom antenna for efficient energy distribution and consistent results

• Engineered for commercial kitchen use

• Stainless steel interior with bottom ceramic plate

• Ample 0.9 cubic feet (25 L) oven capacity

• Accommodates 12″ (30.5 cm) diameter platter

• Customizable cooking timer up to 60 minutes

• Baklit LED display

• Interior oven light

• Overall dimensions: 20.5″W x 17.9″D x 12.3″H

• One year warranty

Brand URL : winco-spectrum-commercial-microwave-dial-stainless-steel
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