Winco Four Stage Knife Sharpener KSP-4

Weight: 0.9 lb
Manufacturer: WincoWinco

ksp-4ksp-4 1

Four Stage Knife Sharpener

No matter if you prefer standard or Asian styled knives, Winco’s Four-Stage Sharpener offers one tool to do the job. Designed for the commercial kitchen, the wide, rubberized base provides the stability for any busy chef to sharpen their favored knife.

• For either standard or Asian style knives, coarse stages quickly sharpen dull knives, while fine stages hone to a razor sharp edge

• Reduced wobbling – the safest sharpener with oversized non-slip base

• Most ergonomic handle available for comfort, slip-resistance and grip control

Brand URL : winco-four-stage-knife-sharpener
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