Turbo Air TGF-23F-N Standard Series 1 Door Swing Glass Merchandiser TGF-23F-N

Weight: 376 lb
Manufacturer: Turbo AirTurbo Air

tgf-23f-n left

Digital temperature control & monitor system
• Keep food products safe by maintaining constant temperatures.

• Alarms that sound when doors are not sealed shut; protect against food spoilage that originate from cold air leaks.
• Digital display allows for easy monitoring.
• Programs interpret the condition of refrigeration systems by self-diagnosis.
• Rapid cool-down function (Turbo freeze).

• Smart defrost system will defrost as needed to allow maximum energy savings..
• Automatic evaporator fan motor delays.

LED advertising panel
LED lighting offers 5 times longer lasting life than fluorescents and conserves energy as well.

Triple pane heated glass doors
Equipped with unique triple-pane heated glass doors which enhance energy efficiency by preventing heat transfers and minimizing condensation. Lightweight door construction reduces door maintenance, bushing wear, and facilitates smooth door opening.

High-density polyurethane insulation
The entire cabinet structure is foamed-in-place using high density, CFC free polyurethane insulation.

Ergonomically designed doors
Customers' fatigue fades away with easy grip handles and doors that open effortlessly. These features along with self-closing doors make this the ultimate choice in customer convenience.

Adjustable, heavy duty, PE (polyethylene) coated wire shelves

LED lighting interior

Freezer holds -10°F ~ 5°F for the best in frozen food preservation

Anti-corrosion coated evaporator
Magnetic door gaskets

White and black color come standard
4" dia. swivel casters available (optional)
Price tag channel available (optional)
Self-Cleaning Condenser available (optional)

Optional accessories:
 - 4" casters, ½" diameter & 13 TPI: G8F6500101 (non-brake), G8F6500201 (w/ brake)
 - Additional PE coated wire shelf: 30278R0102 (LED unit)
 - Price tag channel: P0122K5100 (20-1/4"L)

Brand URL : turbo-air-tgf-23f-n-standard-series-1-door-swing-glass-merchandiser
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